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Monday, January 24, 2011

Its the end of an era...

And the fashion world is going fishing. That is, if you follow the new trend for this year and the years to come

The good thing of having teachers that are so emerge and dedicated in the fashion world is that you get to find out stuff that you totally skipped. Like for example the new trend that you will be seeing everyone where is what i want to call it Fishing Mode. The outwear and street couture will be major this year.
Yes my dear, Burberry and Ralph Lauren will be happy because its going to be THEIR year. 
This trend will consist of what you will normally use to go fishing mixed and matched with a Preppy, IVY and outdoor style. Denim shirts, trench coats and major vest will be one of the strongest highlights of the season. Yes ladies the DANDY look is going to come back.
Dr. Martens are going to be the new it shoe, as well as The Penny loafer. Brands like Stone Island, Penfield, Barbour anf Filson will take on the spotlight this year and will come back stronger than ever.


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