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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NEWS FLASH? models are treated badly?

what a shocker...
The new Dolce&Gabbana hottie, David Gandy has come out saying that male models are treated like they where the worst thing in the world.  I was actually really interested to see what he had to say, until:
HE told the London Sunday times:
"Trust me to end up working in the only industry in the world where women get paid more than men, and treated loads better. We're trying to change that. In the hierarchy of a shoot, you have the photographer, the female model, the stylists, the assistants, then the male model. You are the lowest of the low."
Say what???
He also continued on saying that's there is more than modelling in a Male modell´s life :
"There’s a bit of Zoolanderesque presumption about who you are. And in some ways I’m trying to break that trend. People think if you’re in modeling, you stay in modeling because you can’t do anything else. But I’m at the top of my league, I’m having a bit of influence on people for once, and I’m enjoying it. It’s opening up many doors, so I’d be pretty stupid to leave it.”

I don't want to get him all wrong, but did he just say that the problem here is that they are treated badly because female models earn more than male models, and are higher in the fashion hierarchy?

Come on Gandy...Its not a shocker that models have a hard life, not only male models.oh, wait a minute on the plus side you get payed really well and that makes the job worth it right?

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