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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Anna Wintour's crazy over Manolo Blahnik for years..

Its not a shocker really but, now i found searching the blog world that they did and interview with the designer(in which they could have asked him how many times does Anna skips a beat and he would have known), where he practically elaborates why does Anna love him so much, her style, favorite colors, lasts of her foot, where she eats, breaths, sleeps(just kidding)...really interesting.. CLICK HERE to see the full interview

Why do you think Anna responds to this particular style?Anna knows herself very well and what suits her best.How many pairs does Anna order each season?I never comment on the number of pairs anyone orders, but Anna always like to have her shoes, like everything in her wardrobe, impeccable at all times.What are Anna’s favorite colors?Skin tones. I have produced two skin tones that particularly suit Anna.How many lasts of Anna’s foot do you have?I have designed several specifically for Anna.Do you ever do custom designs for her?I often talk to Anna about what’s inspiring her that particular season and what she’s ordered for her wardrobe. Anna has fantastic legs, and her feet are always meticulously groomed. We’re always discussing materials and adjusting the heel heights and whether or not straps should be wider or stay the same. In the end, it is always up to Anna.

CLICK HERE to see the full interview

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