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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Emanuelle Alt talking about the future of Vogue Parigi

Although I'm not thrilled that Carine is out,i am going to give her the benefit of letting her impress me..
She is starting really good..
During the couture week Emmanuelle Althinted expressed that Vogue Parigi will be:
"the same, but different"
Yeah that just wont cut it for me. I kinda need Mark Holgate got her to expand more of her vision and future for Vogue Parigi:
 “I want to keep the quality, the photographers we work with — David [Sims], Mert and Marcus, Mario [Testino], and Bruce Weber. I don’t think there should be radical changes. The magazine should still be chic and sophisticated. It’s a bit like buying an apartment: Before you move in, you have all these plans of what you are going to do, but then you get there, and you realize it is better to spend time living in it, and transforming it over time. I’d like there to be more beauty trends; there was so much of that in Vogue back in the eighties. More French girls, more French lifestyle. And I am going to keep shooting for the magazine — hopefully a story every issue." She adds: "I always want a relationship with reality: nothing too sexy, or provocative, or fashion victim. We are French — we can show smoking, nudity. We have no boundaries, and it can be good to have them."
YES!! YES!! YES!!...then she went on to talk about celebrity and covers (here is where she won me over)
“We don’t have a systematic point of view on it. But here in France we are back in a much more glamorous time. French actresses were respected, but not so evidently in the fashion world. Now we have Marion Cotillard, Charlotte Gainsbourg. I’d be very happy to put an actress on the cover if she is the right girl.” And her model favorites are no surprise: “Daria [Werbowy] is the girl I work with the most. She has a natural, strong beauty. You can put her in a white tee and she will make it look fantastic. I like Kate [Moss] too, because she cares about clothes. Most models don’t care what you put them in, they just play the game.”
I have to agree with this....I'm really bored to see celebrities get covers over models and then parade themselves as big fashionistas. Its obvious that celebrities bring costumers, bring income but i agree with Alt its about if the actress is right for the cover or the issue of the magazine. Not make the issue be right for the celebrity. I have no idea if its easier to work with models than with an actress, but I'm just bored to see a rising star that has only got her year of fame land covers as huge as Vogue just because.. There are actresses that deserve it more than others, for example actresses that are hand picked by designers as inspirations..maybe?(that's life)
My opinion.

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