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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Niki Taylor on Covers.....

The model told to  the latest issue of FutureClawmagazine:
What changes in consciousness would you like to see in the fashion industry?
Put models back on covers of magazines and in campaigns and let the movie stars do movies.
Would you please tell me about your new projects?First and foremost project is my family. I have a 19 month old and twins that are almost 16 year olds, so, if that’s not project, boy, oh boy. But professionally I have had the great fortune in being asked to participate in a network TV project (which I can’t name yet), just taped yesterday (10/7/2010) a Biography Channel “Celebrity Close Calls” which I tell my story of the day that changed my life as I knew it, and continuing to work on partnerships with great brands.
Does spirituality play a role in your life?Yes I really believe with all that I have experienced in my life that God really isn’t done with me yet.
You just had a daughter last year. Would you support her decision if she wanted to go into the fashion industry? What advice would you give her?YES of course. She’s 19 months and showing a lot of athletic ability already but I want her to do what she loves, enjoys and what she’s passionate about.
I KINDA agree with her..but i dont see that coming true honey, they actually represent the inspiration not only for us normal people but also for designers.
Please have more models on covers!! please

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