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Quote of the Month: Fashion is a profound and critical part of the social life of man as sex, and is made up of the same ambivalent mixture of irresistible urges and inevitable taboos - Rene Konig

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The fact of the matter is..

Mila Kunis at the SAG Awards wearing Alexander McQueen

Ok; so this past few weeks has been full on award shows, and there are more to come, so i had someone asked me the following: 
why don't you write about what the celebrities are wearing?

Here is my reason. I have to admit that i am at least 22 hours a day on in search for the new celebrity gossip, but this blog has whole other meaning behind it.
 You are not going to See me posting pictures of my new purse, my new shoes, or me wearing brand clothe that i had to sell a kidney to afford them. 
This blog is directed to fashion only, maybe i will post something about me like (Changing hair color, please i think that you should now who i am at least) or my personal thoughts about something, maybe sometimes posting my accomplishments or work im doing for school, lets face it im studying Fashion Communication,I need to start communicating my ideas right?
...but mainly i just want to spread the word of some fashion news that you would never hear about. About some fashion brands, street couture, new photographers that me and you have never heard about. 
That's the whole point.
Now I'm not saying that you wont see a celebrities picture crossing through here or a name passing through, because there is no way of not joining fashion & celebrities in editorials, for magazines ect.ect.

I'm here learning, searching and providing something that benefits me but also others that are studying like me or just want to know.



PS: I  don't hate :)
PSS: Above is the choice that i liked the best for all the awards ceremonies I've seen so far. (just because I'm obsess with McQueen)(THE ONLY ONE YOU WILL SEE)

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