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Quote of the Month: Fashion is a profound and critical part of the social life of man as sex, and is made up of the same ambivalent mixture of irresistible urges and inevitable taboos - Rene Konig

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Video e Linguaggio Homework

My Homework is to grab a chapter or a part of a book and reeinteperate it and then make a Storyboard.

So i picked LOLITA, (I'M OBSESSED)
I thought if Lolita is already a Controversial, Make it more controversial, and incorporate the aspect of social rules and stereotypes in the storyboard without even incorporating words or more people. Just by movements and distortion's of the image. 
I used model's Lara Stone and Baptiste Giabiconi, of course i can draw to save my life so i was able to use different pictures and photoshoots and i found a perfect perfect picture to end the whole story board involving Lara stone (and pretending the other one to be Baptiste Giabiconi) (due to the fact that the picture is just PERFECT)

Check above

you like?

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