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Friday, January 28, 2011

Editing Kate..

Here we go, the fashion film from the footage (practically) of the December 2010 issue of Vogue Italia featuring Kate Moss...and...Kate Moss...and WAIT FOR IT.....oh yes Kate Moss.
Although the spread was really great, specially because it was shot by Nick Knight, i don't know..Kate, you should really stick to the blondie for now.
The overall film will be released in spring 2011, we some juicy interviews with the editors and the one involved with the shoot. 
Just take a look at a part of the interview with the one and only Jamie Harley, the one the directed the video.
Alexander Fury:  How did you first begin creating found-footage films?
Jamie Harley:  I started about a year ago, with a music video I did for a canadian band called Memoryhouse. I had been doing music supervision for nearly ten years, and found it interesting to reverse the process. Instead of searching for the perfect song for a movie scene or a commercial, I started searching for the perfect visual counterpoint to songs I love. I've always had a strong interest in experimental cinema, and found-footage filmmaking in particular, and it made sense to gather all these things into one creative process.
Alexander Fury:  What attracted you to the idea of editing Kate?
For more of the interview and to see the video ( its impossible to download) go to the page below:

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