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Friday, January 28, 2011

Franca Sozzani´s take on fashion bloggers

Franca Sozzani, Vogue Italia´s Editor-in-chief, took her blog the other day to practical unleashed her thoughts about fashion bloggers.
She said:
“Do we need all these bloggers? They don’t offer an opinion but only talk about themselves, take their own pictures wearing absurd outfits. What’s the point?” and “These aren’t people who have been working in fashion too long to end up criticizing everything, the shows, and they don’t have a background in fashion so they are not conditioned by their knowledge or interests. There [sic] comments are naif [sic] and enthusiastic. They don’t hold a real importance in the business. Of course not.”
Maybe we dont need all of them, but sure need some of them.

I dont agree with what she is saying. Although she might be right in some aspects, about how people just thinking because they have the money to buy Chanel, Gucci or Prada and take pictures of them wearing them are called fashion experts.  But you have to give a break to people that are studying (like me) or that have true passion for it. I'm sorry that not everyone can be straight off the Editor-in-Chief of one of the major Fashion Magazines in the world, but everyone has to start somewhere. Maybe not all of them get invites to go to see every fashion show in New York, London, Paris or Milan but at least they are trying to have a say on what they think and saw go on in the runway.  They are Marketing brands all over the world.

I love her to death (like i even know her) but i do admire the way that she is holding Vogue Italia as one of the most prestigious Vogue´s, i even went to get her book signed, but i cant agree with everything that she is saying specially if this may discourage some people out there not to write. 

You have to encourage people to write :)
Dont hate..

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  1. The problem is that not everybody writes seriously either... so it is a matter of choosing between all the bloggers those who are serious about it and those with POTENTIAL - you never know when you may come across a future famous fashion designer, reviewer, critic, etc.
    I agree with you... fortunately bloggers can write whatever they want, whenever they want and it is up to the public if they wish to read it and follow it.
    Maybe Sozzani would be surprised to see how many followers certain amateur fashion blogs have ;-)