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Quote of the Month: Fashion is a profound and critical part of the social life of man as sex, and is made up of the same ambivalent mixture of irresistible urges and inevitable taboos - Rene Konig

Friday, January 21, 2011

Gran defile della sartoria

...and it was busy. I'm really quite excited about this because this was my first time actually working in something that i loved. I always thought that this was an easy job, of course i know that no job in the world is easy, but now, that i got to experience what actually happens backstage of one of the most important expression of communication that there is in fashion, i think I have more than just pictures and  ITS AMAZING, SO FASHION, to say..
Its not an easy job. Your working against the clock, today i actually changed a model in less than a minute and they where rushing me because she was next.
I must say that it was amazing.
I got to learn so much in 4 hours that i will take for ever to write. 
But one thing that i do wish to share is this:
Fashion is a business (OMG!!SHOCKER). A pretty rough one and hectic one(SAID BEFORE). I didn't believe it. How can it be that hard? well,....
We only get to see what goes down the runway, all the people that attended, all the free stuff they got, the after party, the fame ect. ect. In the other side its way different. Even when you get to see the backstage you see the first girl go down the runway, after, why would you? its chaos.
Don't get me wrong its one of the most amazing things in the world, to experience where true magic happens, when a model doesn't fit in to a dress and the only things keeping them together are bobby pins, taking 30 minutes on getting a dress on a model because of its complexity and managing not to break it and then make it go down the runway like she wasn't a complete mess...That my friends is fashion.

I really hope that i get to have more opportunities like that and work alongside more designers, whoever they are, and learn from every single one of them, the one that take extra care in every single detail, and the ones that they just run with the moment.

And here is an idea: making a video about fashion week instead of concentrating in the actual runway, concentrate in the backstage. concentrate in chaos and the running, models reading books, eating!, her expressions when a dress is oh so tight and it takes for ever to put on..(when its not their fault) the laughing, the proud faces of designers when their outfits go down the runway..
That was fashion to me.

I will post more pictures later on.