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Friday, January 21, 2011

Something to think about...

Two NYU grad students designed and created shirts that change color (of a heart) when the air quality around you is bad.
Im sorry but this quite genious.
If pollution from cars, factories, even the smoke of a cigarette is detected by the carbon monoxide sensor, the micro-controller will send electrical currents through the shirt. The wires then heat up, which change the pink heart or (depends which one you buy i guess)lungs to blue.
This what the dynamic duo had to say:
Nien Lam : "The organs in your body are invisible to you, just like pollution and the other silent killers out there".
Sue Ngo : "We wanted to bring up that visualization, bring the inside out. This is a stark reminder for yourself and others around you."
They are also stating that they want to sell them as much as they can so the can: "organize mobs to wear them around the city".
I just want to add, that this is what the fact of making cloth or designing clothe is to find that middle point where creativity meets functionability meets a purpose. I think if big fashion houses started coming up with ideas like this directed to human and environmental betterment, they will win over a huge crowed.

[Photo used with permission from Fast Company]

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