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Friday, January 21, 2011

This is one is in your honor; Carine Roitfeld.

This is quite fantastic, i may say.

Im kind of weird girl. I have to actually say that i love the work that Carine Roitfeld, it just has to do with the fact, that although she has a huge responsibility and a title to live up to that is VOGUE PARIGI, but she always took risks. She always took it to a whole new level.

ok, she took it way passed the limit, but she stands for what she has in her min. She doesn't compromise.
Thats the problems you see, its good to not compromise when you truly believe in something, when you stand fot your creativity, but when do you stop and think, where is the boundaries? what are the consequences for my actions? How do i keep my job as the editor-and-chief of VOGUE PARIGI, without loosing my ideas and creativity?..Of course you dont start by steeling designs of dresses and obviously now you know that the world is not prepared to see a 6 year old dress like a 30 year old with red lipstick and high heels.

Humor Chic artist Alexsandro Palombo design this extreme creative, and me as Carine Roitfeld fan, extremely true and funny covers for Vogue. Look at that...
come on getting spanked by Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour...thats just simply...ehmm...true, funny, sexy, hot? 

Whatever you want to call it, nobody can deny that she is an icon in the Fashion Communication World,


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