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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Want a Job under Marc Jacobs...GO ON TWITTER

Marc Jacobs Is Using Twitter to Hire Someone to Tweet for Him

Marc Jacobs used a really clever idea this weekend, he is offering to hire someone to TWEET FOR HIM!
Marc Jacobs president Robert Duffy has been manning the @MarcJacobsIntl twitter account and he has announced that he is not going to do it anymore.

DUFFY told the masses(MOB) to reply to the account with something worthwhile and clever, and they will call it for an interview to run the twitter account and oversee company´s social media!!!!

OMG. Obviously it means following Marc and Duffy to every fashion show all around the world, who would want that right?!?!!?!? CRAZY PEOPLE! HA

I'm so sad, because its obvious that when they mean that they will pay for ticket to go to NYC they men yeah ticket from LA to NYC...never mind me in the old continent!!

Apparently they chose someone from Wisconsin but it didn't work out!!!! You still have a chance!!

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